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Current Information...
Over the years we have expanded our offering and focus from our original specialty, to cover all potential users.  We have seen that our affordable, informative, versatile and durable ID tag responds to the needs of lots of people.
Elephant Ideas designs, markets, manufactures and ships an ID tag that is essential gear for all active athletes including runners, walkers, cyclists, hikers, essential any sports participant who should carry ID In Case of Emergency. 
We also serve the needs of kids and their parents, parents and their senior parents, those with medical alert bracelet needs, people with special needs such as autism, and even those who want an ID tag just for fun as a back pack or luggage tag.
Our product can be branded with logos and graphics for companies and organizations who want to provide or promote the use of ID tags to their own unique audience.  Member rewards and customer loyalty present an opportunity for combining company graphics with contact information to truly show that you care about the well being of your customers and employees.
Sports team ID tags are a great to combine your team logo with the contact information of each individual team member.
How we started...
Elephant Ideas began designing, manufacturing and selling ID tags online in the fall of 2000.  Our tags were originally designed to address a simple need.  I realized that when I went out for a run my dog Nutmeg wore more ID than I did.  At weekend runing events I was with lots of people but I still had no quick or easy way to be identified in an emergency.  When I traveled and went for a run from my hotel I had an even greater problem.  I was running alone, no one knew me and I had no adequate emergency contact ID.  Now, no matter where I am or who is with me I am prepared.  Our ID has information for emergency response personnel.  This little Identification tag has become essential gear
Over the years I have personally tested our product on the road, the trail and on the treadmill.  It has gone the distance, 5K to marathon, and lots of mountain bike miles.  I continue to run and mountain bike with my ID,  Earlier this year I took a serious fall on my mountain bike and separated my shoulder.  This incident brought home the value of carrying emergency contact ID. 

Nutmeg has retired.  The IDWhen I designed this ID I wanted something that was not only functional but fun and reflected my life style.  I am a runner.  That's why the ID features colorful running graphics.  The graphics are the work of Phil Dynan, a long time runner and friend.

Our product has gone on to national distribution and has been well received.  The colorful graphics and easy to wear features make this the right ID for Everyone and Everything.

Enjoy the miles and Remember - Run Safe & Smart.

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