ID Partners
Any group, team, company or organization is welcome and encouraged to create a "branded" ID Partner's Tag on this site.  We will work with you to create the ID Tag and the price/discount program that goes with the tag.  We will also work with you to help promote the ID Tag to your group.
To create this ID Partner's program for your group we need to communicate with each other over the phone.  Please contact us at 1 916 997-1808 so we can work with you to setup your ID Tag Category.  Or email me at [email protected]  and give me your complete contact information.  I will call you back so we can get started.  The information we need to setup your program includes:

  • Your group/team/company/organization name.
  • Your name and title.
  • Your contact information.
  • The # of people in your group etc. 
  • Your logo in a jpg format.
  • Your target date to begin the program
  • The web address that you will use to inform/promote the ID Tag program.
  • Any rules of conditions you want attached to the program.
There are no minimum order quantities for a purchase or for a total # of tags purchased by the group.  Also there is no long term obligation or contract.

More About the ID Partners Program
Your ID Partners ID tag is designed, manufactured and shipped from Elephant Ideas in Rocklin, CA.  Our first tags were marketed to runners and since 2000 we have produced and shipped ID tags to a wide variety of customers all over the United States, Canada and overseas.  The concept of ID Partners came about as we worked with groups of users who expressed an increased interest in making sure that their members had adequate ID as they participated in a variety of activities.  To respond to this need we created the ID Partners Program.  ID partners receive a price discount when they purchase an ID tag bearing the logo of their organization
Thank you for considering the ID4EMT ID Partners program.
Larry Osborne
Creator of
Rocklin, CA
1 916 997-1808
[email protected]